Paint Correction

Professional Vehicle Paint Correction

Looking for the best vehicle paint correction services? Look no further, Amberspeed offers top-rated car detailing services that will bring your vehicle back to its prime. Even new cars arrive with scratches on the paintwork. Continued washing will put swirl marks and scratches into the paint reducing the overall appearance and shine. Servicing the entire Essex region, our mobile unit we also service Surrey and Suffolk areas.

Car Paint Correction Benefits

  1. Restore & rejuvenate its paintwork
  2. Improve the gloss and clarity
  3. Remove scratches, swirls, and other paint defects
  4. Improve the vehicle's value
Volkswagen Golf car detailing

Our Detailing Products

We use CSP Polishing System with Rupes polishers and Pads as used by Master Detailers and High-End Automotive Repair Centres (Body Shops). This can be stage 1 or 2 or include extra stages for the ultimate show finish.  As CSP Approved Detailers we are able to exclusively apply the latest CSP Nano Particle Protection System and enjoy the benefits it brings. CSP Detailing System includes a specifically formulated range of products.

Paint Correction Process

At Amberspeed we use the CSP Detailing System professional grade polishes and machine pads to remove these defects. We also use the best DA (dual action) polishers from Rupes. The process can be up to 5 Stages of various grades of pad and polish to remove paint marring, paint scratches and swirls. The enhancement to gloss levels will also be achieved following this process.

Step 1: Initial Paint Cleansing processes completed.

Step 2: Paint and lacquer thickness measured prior to machine polishing to ensure adequate lacquer/paint thickness

Step 3: Paint condition and gloss are evaluated and scratches and paint damage identified.

Step 4: 1-5 Stages of machine polishing (as required) using the CSP Detailing system polishes ranging through from Heavy Compound, Cut Back, Super Fine, Ultra Perfection, and Jeweller and cleanser. Used as required for specific vehicle and paint condition.

Step 5: Panel wipe the paintwork to remove any polish residue ready for coatings.

Why Choose Us

Fully Insured

We are fully insured for public liability & indemnity, road risks (collection & delivery), as well as for items worked on.

Over 20 Years

Amberspeed has been detailing and preparing cars for motorsport for over 20 years. Race preparation, Detailing and with CSP reducing the drag coefficient plus enhancing the gloss.

Honest & Efficient

Our goal is to deliver the best vehicle detailing services, which include customer care and attention to detail.

Bespoke Services

When it comes to car detailing, our professionals are highly trained and we only work with top products.


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