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In addition, to been CSP Approved Vehicle Detailers, we also offer mobile vehicle detailing services. We can provide all levels of paint correction and protection including machine, polishing, advanced CSP Nano coatings, ceramic coating technologies, interior products, and leather care services. We are experts in paint defect correction, finish restoration, and offer a wide range of products to protect and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. We ensure a professional service including a full car appraisal to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Mobile locations include Surrey, Essex, and Suffolk

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Amberspeed offers professional auto detailing services customized to meet your requirements. As CSP Approved detailer, we ensure all work performed has the best result. Their unique formulated products allow us to exceed our client’s expectations.

The CSP Detailing System includes a range of products specifically formulated to clean (Ph Neutral Conditioning Snow Foam and Lubricating Conditioning Shampoo designed to minimise the risk of abrasion during the wash process), decontaminate (reactive Iron Fe Decontaminant & Reactive Iron Gel Decontaminant giving the fastest reaction of any product), correct and polish (high end quality CSP Polishing System and Pads), and protect (giving the flawless finishing with a choice of last stage – CSP Finest Grade t1 Carnauba Wax, QD Gloss + Protect through to the latest Patented Nano Particle Technology).

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Mobile locations include Surrey, Essex and Suffolk

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