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Amberspeed based in Essex offers expert vehicle detailing, valeting, paint correction, paint protection, maintenance, as well as mobile services. We are CSP APPROVED detailers and offer a detailing service tailored to your requirements. We are experts in paint defect correction, finish restoration, and offer a wide range of products to protect and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. We ensure a professional service including a full car appraisal to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Currently, our mobile unit service the entire Surrey, Essex, and Suffolk areas.

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Auto Detailer

Bespoke vehicle detailing and paint protection that caters for each unique vehicle's appearance. Servicing locally and via our mobile unit.

Essex auto detailing services

Detailing Treatments

Comprehensive range of professional level vehicle detailing services.

Paint Protection

Keeping your car protected against scratches and minor abrasions.

Aftercare Services

Maintaining and improving your vehicle's condition is our specialty.

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Experience the adrenaline of driving an ATOM CUP race car.

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Our Mission

Our company was originally formed by driving enthusiasts for driving enthusiasts as a motorsport driver training company.

We have always had a passion for cars and for vehicle preparation with a will to win.

This passion for motorsport has always required the pursuit of perfection whether when racing, training drivers or preparing our race cars.

Our pursuit for perfection suited the addition of our vehicle detailing services and with collaboration and approval with CSP Detailing System this was an obvious route for us.

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Popular Questions

We are CSP APPROVED detailers and offer a detailing service tailored to your requirements. Some of the benefits of auto detailing are:

1. Restore vehicle value

2. Protect the vehicle from elements

3. Preserve paint condition

4. Restore interior comfort

5. Preserve car value
Amberspeed detailing services (CSP Approved)

They offer a unique product range formulated specially to clean and protect all types of vehicle.

Clean -- Ph Neutral Conditioning Snow Foam and Lubricating Conditioning Shampoo specifically developed to minimize the risk of abrasion during the wash process and lubricate the wash mitt across the surface of the substrate.

Decontaminate -- Reactive Iron Fe Decontaminant provides the fastest reaction of any product we have tested also available as a high viscosity Reactive Iron Gel Decontaminant.

Correct and Polish -- CSP Polishing System and Pads as used by Master Detailers and High-End Automotive Repair Centres (Body Shops).

Protect -- Seal and Protect the flawless finish with a choice of LSP Last Stage Product. These include CSP Finest Grade t1 Carnauba Wax, QD Gloss + Protect through to the latest Patented Nano Particle Technology.
If you cannot bring your car to our workshop we can come to you with our fully mobile vehicle detailing service.

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